What is IT Case Competition?

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  • Format & Rules

    On this page you can find valuable information about the format and rules of IT Case Competition. All rules apply to the given IT Case Competition event, thus we encourage that you make sure to find yourself comfortable with the applicable rules in o...

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  • What is IT Case Competition

    IT Case Competition [ITCC] is an IT-oriented case competition and the first of its kind in Denmark. The competition is organized by the students and with the support of our industry partners we strive to create unique experiences for IT-students worl...

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  • Become an Organizer

    A lot to things that can take up your time when you are a student; besides classes, papers and exams, many of us juggle jobs, friends, and the occasional extra curricular event to boost the CV. Apart from this, it would also be nice just to have some...

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Do you have what it takes to participate in IT Case Competition?

Students participating in IT Case Competition come from various educational IT backgrounds, but have one thing in common: Their ability to solve complex problems. Therefore, if you want to become part of the problem solving elite, striving for a more efficient world, apply for IT Case Competition for the opportunity to try out your skills against a real life IT case. If you believe you have what it takes, apply now.

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IT Case Competition in short

12 teams, 1 case, 24 hours and a grand prize of DKK 20.000 – What’s not to like?

12 Teams
Be among the 48 participants who bring their knowledge together across cities and universities.
1 Case
One real-life case from a real-life organization. Develop your solution to woo the judges and be a part of the finalists
24 Hours
Only 24 hours to develop an innovative solution to a complex problem. Can you perform under pressure?
20.000 Prize
Performing your best will enable you to leave the competition with the grand DKK 20.000 prize

Here Are Our Previous Cases – Take a look!

Interested in becoming the next case company? Download our case company brochure here or contact our partner group directly at case@itcasecompetition.com.

How To Apply For ITCC

You can join the next batch of students to compete for the judges favour. Put together your application in four steps. It’s that easy!

You can also read the full requirements on how to apply here.

Check the requirements

Before applying to ITCC, make sure you fulfill the requirements. You can read about all the requirements under application guidelines.


Did you know you can apply on your own - or with a friend? Teams are formed based on skills, so duo-applicants will be paired with participants who can compliment your areas of expertise.


When you have collected the necessary documents, send your application through the button found below.


... And we will get back to you very shortly after the deadline.

Applications are now closed Application Guidelines


Still curious? See what our previous participants have said about IT Case Competition

A door opener for consulting

Being a participant at ITCC was a fantastic experience, and it opened the door to consulting for me. Having different educational backgrounds helped us find a unique solution that none of us would have achieved on our own. We got to demonstrate our problem solving skills in 24 intense hours, and even though it was challenging, we had a lot of fun while solving the case.

Line Kolling, DTU Participant, ITCC 2016

The best of both worlds

Being a part of the ITCC is a unique and valuable experience. Combining business and IT, as well as students from diverse backgrounds, creates an amazing atmosphere were everyone strives to perform their very best. This combination creates solutions that could not have be foreseen.

Cæcilie Jørgensen, CBS Participant, ITCC 2016

A great network and learning experience

ITCC provided me with the perfect platform to test and show my IT and business capabilities at one time. It is a great combination of learning and networking at one time; providing me with valuable lessons of consulting work methods and connecting me to future employers and possible colleagues.

Casper Bigom Højgaard, CBS Participant, ITCC 2015

A great career opportunity!

For me, ITCC is a great opportunity to meet potential employers and show them what you are good at. What I find most important is that ITCC is a way to test your skills and work in a different setting than you are used to. You get to be creative, strategic and work intensely for hours.

Sigrid Sømod, CBS Participant, ITCC 2014

The technical perspective

By combining business and a technical perspective in ITCC, it provided each member of our team with new skills. Whether you are great at strategic thinking or public presentation, ITCC is sure to put you outside your comfort zone and improve your skills.

Jens Christian Finnerup, DTU Participant, ITCC 2014

A unique opportunity

ITCC is a unique opportunity for students from different study programs to take on a real-life IT case. However, ITCC is not only about hard work, it is also a great possibility to network with potential employers.

Jan Søe, DTU Participant, ITCC 2014

Interested in supporting IT Case Competition? Download our partner brochure here or contact our partner group directly at partner@itcasecompetition.com

Interested in becoming an


Yes, we know it seems unreal, but we have real businesses and real problems to solve and real people that makes it all happen. Read more about the opportunities to be an ITCC organizer and see all available positions.

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