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What is IT Case Competition

IT Case Competition [ITCC] is an IT-oriented case competition and the first of its kind in Denmark. The competition is organized by students and thrives through the support of our industry partners. Our goal is to create skill-testing and career-inspiring experiences for IT students in Scandinavia. ITCC was founded in 2013.

For the student, ITCC aims to capture and exhibit the vast potential and prospects of IT in business. With IT’s ever-growing ubiquity in business, companies are increasingly dependent on the resourcefulness and utility of IT and its people. Competing in ITCC is a chance for you to gain an exclusive insight into real business challenges, where IT and technology can provide new and groundbreaking solutions to tackle challenges ahead.

For our partners, ITCC wants to establish a linkage between business IT development and theory-driven problem solving before the student exits the classrooms. We want companies to experience the creativity and resourcefulness of contemporary IT students and get a feel for the range of ideas that can materialise from their processes.

Unlike a case competition or a hackathon, ITCC values collaboration between IT-minded across business, management and technical knowledge. The solutions produced have the business acumen of a case competition, but a development process heavily marked by the knowledge base and creative center of its IT-centric participants. We encourage software engineers as much as IT managers to apply; the value of cross-national collaborative teams, honing of problem solving and presentation skills, as well as both formal and informal opportunities to network with business professionals – not to mention the chance of winning the 20.000 DKK prize – makes ITCC a unique opportunity for students and companies alike.


If you are a business interested in learning more about the opportunity to support next year’s ITCC, download this material for details. If you are a student looking to apply, please visit this page.

12 teams - 48 partcipants - 24 hours - 1 case


IT Case Competition is a Copenhagen-based Case Competition, welcoming IT students from Scandinavia to compete on the subjects of IT and Business. The event lasts three days where 12 teams have 24 hours to solve a case. The solutions aim to exhibit both technical and business knowledge, and the winners take home the prize of 20.000 DKK.


As the demand for IT and innovation continues to grow, it becomes increasingly relevant for both students and companies to explore the possibilities of tomorrow by rethinking some – or all – of the elements that create value today. Our purpose is to enable IT students to work together across their field and test their abilities against a real world IT/Business case. We aim to allow students to contemplate how the latest disruptive technologies could affect real challenges for real businesses. And, we hope to enrich our partners in the process.


The competition takes place each year, in the fall semester. To stay informed about the date and the opening of the application process, please follow us on Facebook.com/itcasecompetition. From Thursday to Saturday, participants will work intensely on producing their best solutions. The event culminates in a grand finale Gala event, so remember to pack heels and bow ties!